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The reponse to this site has been incredible so I decided to leave the site up to let people voice their opinions.
I added some of the response comments.

What do you think? Since Jan 29th,1997:

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NOTE: This ballot does not claim to be a scientific survey. There may or may not be bias as a result of the forum(the Internet). I only report the results. I make no claim as to whether the "verdict" is correct. All I ask is what people want to answer. I keep planning to take it down but I think people will be stating their opinions for years to come so for now it is still here.

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I will not watch the TV interview nor will I read the book. I will never again watch any station that carries the TV interview
Doesn't matter what the criminal jury said they were complete idiots The evidence was incredible and and for him to keep this facade up is pathetic
OJ_comments: Anyone who thinks he's not guilty is NOT familiar with the evidence presented during the trial. Or really stupid.
He got away with the perfect crime
O.J. is so guilty that when he dies he'll be going to the bad part of hell. He won't be sitting up front with Limbaugh.
OJ didn't move the Bronco back into the driveway before leaving for the airport. Isn't that where the detectives found it ? Did Kato have a motive ?? He had access to the house, and possibly the keys to the Bronco. Think about that.
not guilty!! He could have had her killed, rather than go through the trouble himself, and he would not have done it with the kids at home. I hate she was murdered, but she was a live wire and none of that was brought out in the trail.
A guy dies and goes to heaven. It's a slow day for St.
 Peter, so, upon passing the entrance test, St. Peter says "I'm
 not very busy today, why don't you let me show you around?"
 The guy thinks this is a great idea and graciously accepts the
 offer.  St. Peter shows him all the sights, the golf course, the
 reading room and library, the observation room, the cafeteria
 and finally, they come to a HUGE room full of clocks.
 The guy asks, "What's up with these clocks?"
 St. Peter explains, "Everyone on earth has a clock that shows
 how much time he has left on earth. When a clock runs out of
 time, the person dies and comes to the Gates to be judged."
 The guy thinks this makes sense but notices that some of the
 clocks are going faster than others. He asks why is that?
 St. Peter explains, "Every time a living person tells a lie, it
 speeds his clock."
 This also makes sense, so the guy takes one last look around the
 room before leaving and notices one clock in the center of the
 ceiling.  On this clock, both hands are spinning at an unbelievable
 rate. So he asks, "What's the story with that clock?"
 "Oh, that," St. Peter replies, "That's OJ Simpson's clock. We
 decided to use it as a fan."

I'm sure that his dilligent pursuit of his wife's murderer has not in the least been hampered by his penchant for Victoria Secret models....RIGHT.....
Chipping golf balls at night?
Did anyone find golf balls laying in the grass?
I almost believe he has convinced himself that he didn't do it. How sad.
No way he could have got rid of the bloody clothes and knife in the existing time frame.
it only cost rodman 1m to kick a man in the balls. it only cost o j 15m to kill 2 people so much for economics.
Money will get you out of anything! It's unfortunate that the honest citizen is the one that usually gets the bad end of the deal!
Guilty of murder 1 on both victims O J has lied about & made up to many conflicting stories.
He's guilty. The judges know. They just can't do anything about it. That's all. If the judges had their way, OJ'd be in jail right now.
Who says you can't get away with murder?
if it looks like a duck, quakes like a duck.....
it's a duck.
Only a MORON would see otherwise! Guilty murderer !!!!!!!!!!
If he's not guilty, then I'm not a white, non-racist American.

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